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Saph's own Place

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23rd May 2006

8:06pm: well...
I am fucking done. Again, shouted at for my LJ. So I am done, I quit. Fuck you all. I'll just keep everything private and to myself. Have a great fucking day.
Current Mood: pissed off

9th October 2004

12:49pm: Ok, sorting through friends before I post some more. Some of you are on the list that probably shouldn't be. If you get cut on accident please feel free to bitch at me then :D

6th October 2004

11:48am: If I missed anyone, sorry I tossed this together quickly. Let me know and I will add you.

Sorry, everything after this will be friends only. I really wish people could take their own advice about journals. If you don't like something someone wrote about you, A: Don't give anyone a reason to bitch, B: Fix the problem or talk calmly and ask the person why they feel that way, or C: Feck off and stop reading.
Current Mood: tired
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